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BoxerPeople who breed pure bred dogs for the show ring are guided by what is known as the ‘Breed Standard’. That standard is a blueprint which describes the attributes that a perfect specimen of that breed should possess.
There is no such thing as a perfect specimen. Breeders assess their own Boxers against the Boxer Standard and identify the strengths and weaknesses in each of their Boxers. Then when they consider the breeding of each Boxer they will endeavour to select a partner that has similar strengths but no common weaknesses. In that way they will increase the chances of improving the quality of the Boxers they are breeding.

To be successful the breeder must have a sound knowledge of the Boxer Standard, and a sound knowledge of the hereditary diseases and health issues known to affect the breed, and know how to apply that knowledge so as to produce healthy sound specimens of the breed.

The following pages contain the Boxer Standard [in bold type] and a detailed explanation of the Standard with illustrations and photographs. This document was approved by the National Boxer Council of Australia as the Breed Standard Extension for adoption by the Australian National Kennel Council for use in the training of judges. Unfortunately, the Australian National Kennel Council declined to accept the document allegedly because it contained examples of Boxers with docked tails and cropped ears – both docking and cropping are prohibited procedures in Australia. The rejection by the Australian National Kennel Council is unfortunate because Australian judges licensed to judge Boxers will encounter docked and cropped Boxers when judging in some overseas countries, and they should be prepared for that eventuality.

We trust that you will enjoy the document and that it will assist in a better understanding of our wonderful breed – the Boxer.

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