Boxer Influential Sires List

Lambda acknowledges the positive influence these sires have had on our breeding program and thanks their owners for granting access to them.


DOB Registered Name Owned_By
04-05-2009 Ch Guntop Illustrious Miles and Liz Gunter
21-02-2006 Ch Tonmar Just Do It Paul and Pauline Salnitro
05-05-2005 Ch Galicar Contradiction [Imp UK] Daryl & Janet Halliday & Jo Cairns
25-10-2000 Novecento Del Nettuno [Imp IT] Miles & Elizabeth Gunter
19-06-2000 Boxellas Johnny Get Your Gun [Imp USA] Rhonda & Casey Wagland & Jenny O'Neil
16-01-2000 Ch Jenroy Dark Down Under [Imp UK] Gavin Custance, Robyn Knox, Sue Res
23-06-1999 Ch Aisleen Rum Truffle Justin Perkins
01-09-1997 Gr Ch Phoenix Harrison Ford Terry And Maxine Carter
03-08-1997 Ch Kaysharn Surprise Packet Vicki Perkins
10-09-1993 Ch Beanken Martian Pilot Mike Nelson
19-06-1991 Ch Ozstock High Voltage Dennis and Dianne Bradshaw
12-03-1990 Donnymoor Sticky Fingers [Imp UK] Jack & Marion Ray
22-04-1989 Ch NZ Ch Norwatch Sunhawk Commotion [Imp UK] David & Juanita Strachan
10-04-1989 Jenroy Pop Back to Walkon [Imp UK] Dennis & Dianne Bradshaw
20-05-1988 Aust Ch Blupines Big Spender [Imp UK] Tony and Sue Webster
20-10-1987 Ch Winuwuk Plane Sailing [Imp UK] David and Juanita Strachan
19-05-1986 Ch Faerdorn Raise A Riot [Imp UK] David & Juanita Strachan
01-01-1985 Jacquet's Bayside Of The Wind [Imp USA] Terry and Maxine Carter
24-11-1984 Ch Belmanta Thief Ohearts Rodney & Elizabeth Scott
27-10-1984 Aust Ch Moljon Surprise Packet at Marbelton [Imp UK] Jack & Marian Ray
05-11-1983 Ch Letomi Game Lover Jack and Marian Ray
04-04-1982 Ch Steynmere Star Turn [Imp UK] David and Juanita Strachan
02-02-1982 Aust Ch Skelder Game Chip [Imp UK] Nea Evans
06-05-1978 Ch Arakoola Moonshiner Ross Northey-Smith
31-01-1977 Aust Ch That's Right of Panfield [Imp UK] David and Juanita Strachan